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      :: september 8th, 2002

   Here comes another picture - located here, enjoy it and have a pleasent evening!

      :: august 27th, 2002

   After prolonged leave I give you another digital artwork (which isn't exactly new, as it was started in 1999 - however it was finished just recently). It can be found here.

      :: july 6th, 2002

   I'm back at updating of the english language section. First of all, the layout of www has changed, in addition a new area was created, named unused. That is where all web works are stored, that either did not find any practical use, or weren't accepted by the clients.
   Also there is a new digital work, that can be found here.

      :: january 11th, 2002

   So the New Year celebration have passed. I was somewhat busy and did not produce much in the past few months. Except for one site, which you can check out on this page at the very bottom of the list. I do not know how soon I will return to this site as I am going to be without computer or Internet for some time. I will be back, however.

      :: september 4th, 2001

   I present to you another fully digital artwork (i.e. without using pencil sketching), I belive it is not half that bad. See it in digital section (at the bottom).

      :: august 23d, 2001

   A couple of weeks ago I got to participate in a competition called "Hands, Legs and Tails", where the goal was to sketch a character for an upcoming game called "Etherlords". Once I heard about the competition, I quickly drew three sketches and sent them away. To my surprise, they were all accepted. Good news though, none of them won. In any case, find out what I had sent to the competition in nondigital section.

      :: august 8th, 2001

   Uploaded another test of my digital brush (aka mouse). I finished it couple of weeks ago, yet only now I fought off my natural laziness and gave this picture some sort of finished look. Check it out in digital and tell me what you thinks, since it is pretty much my first try of drawing in this style.

      :: july 19th, 2001

   Today I uploaded one little work on the topic of Quake (the game). Look in digital, the very last one.

      :: june 22nd, 2001

   Sixty years ago today War began. Many did not come back. We must not forget those who gave their lives for us. Every day there is less and less of those who lived through war, and we are the only ones who can carry the memory forth. We must remember.

      :: june 13th, 2001

   What fun. I go away for couple of month and meanwhile this site turns one year young. On may 5th, to be precise. Anyway, it is not really that important. Improtant thing is - I am here and I am not going anywhere. By the by, url works slightly better now and those annoying ads are gone too.
   Oh, and while I was away, I got two more works to upload. One in "nondigital" and the other one in "digital".

      :: march 14th, 2001

   This thing was in works for a while, wasn't it? I received sort of a mental kick in arse from one beautiful lady, which inspired me to finish the english section of the site. Yet another proof - everything men do is for and because of women, and - occasionally, money, power and alcohol.
   In any case, here it is, the english section of my site. Have fun playing with it, just don't break it.

      :: june 25th, 2000

   Well, here is the english section of my site, it will be uploaded with the rest of the site, whenever everything is finished.

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