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    Here is where you can find links to sites of real artists. I strongly recommend to vist each site separately. Why? Because I said so, besides why else did I put those links here?

Anry :: Excellent russian artist and illustrator, also works with computer graphics.
Kraig Mullens :: Famous american artist, worked on several big Hollywood films (Forrest Gamp). Creates excellent computer graphics.
John Muller :: Not very well known american conceptual artist, creator of cult comics "Heaven's Butcher". Excellently handles oil; in fact most of his paintings are created with oil. Currently employed by game company named Epic Games.
Stephen Daniele :: Peculiar artist, his techinques are very varied. Most of his paintings are made in fantasy style.
Team's Homepage :: A group of russian artists, hard to describe them - just check out their art.
Leonid Kozienko :: Quite good an artist, excellent with computer graphics.



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